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the son of...Jamaican parents, DJ K-Swyft (a.k.a. The Bronx Blend King) was born in Brooklyn, New York on August 7, 1975 as Kemuel Johnson and received his first set of turntables at age 8.  Born into a family of music lovers and musicians, it was inevitable for K-Swyft to dive into the art that he once considered a hobby.  He was influenced by his older brothers (Rich and Negus) who were also DJs…. in addition to early New York hip-hop DJs such as Brucie B, DJ Red Alert, Mr. Magic, and Chuck Chillout.  Upon moving from Brooklyn to the Bronx, K-Swyft started to perfect his craft with the help of neighborhood DJs in the BX such as DJ Solo and DJ Paul Smooth while growing up.  He also looked up to DJs such as The Bounce Master DJ Doo Wop, DJ Ron G, DJ Dirty Harry, Action Pac, New Jersey’s DJ Juice, and DJ Funk Master Flex (just to name a few).  K-Swyft is a child of the 1980’s and had the privilege to witness the birth ... more ->

 play now Pt 29. - A Bronx Tale - NEW!

 play now Pt 28. - Big Truck Blends - NEW!

 play now Pt 27. - Blend Kings of NY, featuring DJ Dayvoe
        and DJ Radio Raheem

 play now Pt 26. - R.I.P to the Competition

 play now Pt 25. - Fall Flavas=

 play now Pt 24. - Illegal Blends, Part 2

 play now Pt 23. - Illegal Blends, Part 1

 play now Pt. 22 - On My Bronx Blend Shit

 play now Chef G. Garvin Road Show Old Skool Mix

 play now Pt. 21 - Birthday Blends

 play now Awake the Dead: All-Star Tribute

 play now Pt. 19 / Bashment Blends: Reggae/Hip Hop

 play now Mixtape CD Vol. 2

 play now Pt. 18 / The Stimulus Package

 play now Pt. 17 / Born to Blend-Ready To Die Remixes

 play now Pt. 16 / Change the Game

 play now Pt. 15 / The Bronx Invasion

 play now Pt. 14 / The Takeover

 play now Pt. 13 / Blend Madness The 13th

 play now Pt. 12 / The Gamma Edition=

 play now Pt. 11 / Absolut Madness

 play now Pt. 10 / Blending for Dummies

 play now Pt. 9 / American Gangster Blends

 play now Pt. 8

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